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This is where you will find my latest  Blog posts in English, where I blog about Oracle,Cassandra,Tech and sometimes other Life experiences

  • Oracle 12cR1 : ORA-16775 with Cascading Standby Databases May 26th, 2014

    Finally I’m back at my English blog, I had been posting at Pythian’s blog and in my Spanish blog , but I had this one a little forgotten, but I promise to make a comeback at it.

    Recently in my Spanish blog, I had written a blog post in where I configured a cascading Standby (Spanish), but while playing with it, I stumbled into an error when ... Read more about this post

  • Oracle 12c and its pluggable databases February 20th, 2014

    Read more about this post
  • How to Apply a Standby-First PSU Patch in a 2 node RAC environment January 11th, 2014
    Oracle provides since it’s version a way to apply certain patches, to our standby environment first, without compromising the primary database, to allow to let it burn in the Standby  for the time you deem appropriate and then apply the patch binaries to the primary BD ORACLE_HOME and these will cascade into our Standby DB.
    The first thing you have to make sure before applying a patch like this, ... Read more about this post
  • A very personal afterthought… October 15th, 2013

    I do have to start that if you came to this post in particular looking for something Oracle related, you won’t find it this time, I do urge you to come back later as I need to pick up my speed here as well, not only on my work’s blog.

    This time is a very personal afterthought , yesterday one person to who I am blood related, told me that I ... Read more about this post

  • The undocumented status “M” of an RMAN backup April 22nd, 2013

    It is not uncommon for Oracle to have something undocumented , and this is just another case of this ailment.

    We have a database in which we have two copies of the same backup, one we keep in the FRA, the other one in an external disk, which from time to time gets deleted from this second disk. But what happens after you do a crosscheck and one of those 2 ... Read more about this post

  • My First IOUG Collaborate April 13th, 2013

    One of the main reasons I have been a little inactive has been that in the last month and a half I have switched jobs, switched countries and had a conference to give at Collaborate in Denver , so I just wanted to share this for anyone who didn’t have the chance to attend this awesome gathering of Oracle minds.

    My presentation was oriented towards beginner or intermediate users of Oracle’s ... Read more about this post

  • First Days as a Pythianite March 13th, 2013

    One thing that has always amazed me is the way that all of our decisions, big or small, have an impact in our life. Sometimes you can’t notice the fork in the roads that those decisions have caused, but sometimes they are as clear as rain.

    For me, a simple Oracle DBA, one of those life decisions was to have a talk with a great friend about your own empowerment in ... Read more about this post

  • Do you know how your Oracle RMAN backup works? December 13th, 2012

    Recovery Manager or better known as RMAN, is an Oracle client utility that is installed with the Enterprise or Standard edition, you can also find it with the Admin option when installing the Oracle Client.

    In it’s most basic form, the RMAN client connects, an it needs to be with a “sysdba” privileged user, to the database that is being backed up, called a TARGET database, this client, is an executable that is ... Read more about this post

  • The curious case of the datafile that “belonged” to 2 databases November 29th, 2012

    First I want to start disclosing that I have an idea on how this happened, but haven’t been able to recreate this issue, also that I was lucky enough that the tablespace that had the issue was a DUMMY tablespace so it didn’t cause an issue.

    So now that the above disclosure is done, what happened is that I have a SOURCE database with 1 location for it’s datafiles +DATA1/SOURCE, but ... Read more about this post

  • RAC : Cluvfy DB Healthcheck option starting in November 06th, 2012

    So the other day I was doing an install of the Clusterware binaries and came around that with the cluvfy tool in comes now with a health check option for the Database. For this option to work you have to install or setup the cvusys user as well as the cvusapp role, a script for this, is in the CLUVFY_HOME/cv/admin directory

    As the oracle user run the ... Read more about this post

  • RAC : 11gR2 Clusterware Startup Sequence October 25th, 2012

    For whoever that has worked with the 11gR2 version of RAC , has ran into the startup sequence diagram, this diagram is just disturbing to see, I don’t know about you, but for me is just unhelpful and not KISS.

    Then there is the second diagram available, which is way more clear, but in a very bad quality, you actually have to squint your eyes, and for me, and my very ... Read more about this post

  • Oracle Open World 2012 : Day 3 and 4 RMAN and RAC in 12 c October 04th, 2012

    Due to several dinners and a few concerts, I didn’t post on day three , but here is more data regarding the new version of Oracle’s Database 12c .

    Regarding backup and recovery in this new version, you will see a great new feature in which you can now recover an object from a RMAN backup without having to restore the backup you took. Also it will enhance the ACTIVE DUPLICATE functionality ... Read more about this post

  • Oracle Open World 2012 : Day 2 more of the 12c Database October 02nd, 2012

    So the second day of Oracle Open World has come and gone, and the news about the 12c Version of Oracle’s signature Database keep coming in, in a General session in which Oracle Tech Guru Tom Kyte did a 15 minute feature presentation, a few things popped up that grabbed my attention.

    One of them was the introduction of adaptive execution plans , this is going to be real interesting performance ... Read more about this post

  • Oracle Open World 2012 : Day 1 Database 12c Announced October 01st, 2012

    So today was my first time attending Oracle Open World (OOW) , and I can’t say anything but good things about the whole experience , I don’t know if the upcoming sessions how will they be, but the User Groups Sessions rocked.

    A little bit of information about 12c Database was dropped here and there within the sessions, and one thing that I heard and really loved was RMAN will have ... Read more about this post

  • The importance of a DRP and the data that supports the need of it September 25th, 2012

    Last weekend I was involved in a DRP/BCP  (Disaster Recovery Plan/Business Continuity Plan) for a client, which is basically planning out your worst case scenario , e.g. your Data site being hit by a tornado and loosing everything there, and what actions would you take in case this should happen.

    And even though you might already have a DRP , putting it into action will help you find out which steps ... Read more about this post