2Q21: The Year I Joined Eclipsys

2Q21: The Year I Joined Eclipsys

For some, this past year has been full of doubts, fears, loneliness, and even loss. I count myself as part of these “some”. But like anything in life, it has also been filled with life, happiness, and some of the greatest experiences I have had in my 42-year life.

One of these changes has been accepting a new job at Eclipsys and I can say it is one decision that I am proud to have made. Even before joining, I was already excited that I was going to be working again with Gleb Otochkin, Roopesh Ramklass, Fabio Zea, and Sabiha Choudhry who are people that I enjoyed working with in my previous job. But one thing that I didn’t know is that since the very first day, I felt that I had joined a family and I was being received with arms wide open.

As soon as I joined Eclipsys, I was already engaged with my first client. In these first days, I had the opportunity to do my very first presentation to the whole company and also the opportunity to talk to Michael Richardson – CEO of Eclipsys, and he shared his views on where we are going and how I fit into this. Within my first 20 days, I had already embedded myself with a part of the team and started working on several challenging issues.

I got to be in conversations not only related to tech, but also around WIT (Women in Technology), Autism awareness, and even around physical well-being. In one of these exchanges that was around empathy, I decided to join (for one day) in fasting with my colleagues and learn(just a small bit) what it means for them to fast in Ramadan. I appreciated the support and help they sent my way as I had never done fasting like that. I learned to appreciate the effort and resilience my teammates have, but also the importance of love and sharing around this special time.

With an incentive that was already going on in Eclipsys around blogging on cloud technologies, I decided to take part in it and won a Google Nest and a Google Home Mini which will fit in nicely into the other smart objects that I already have.

These are some of the few things that I have done in the first weeks since I joined Eclipsys and I want to finish this post on why the title is 2Q21 and hope that it makes as much sense to you as it does to me.

Some of you who know me personally, know that I like to read and I am an avid fan of Haruki Murakami. Murakami has a style of writing that is called “Magical Realism” and for me one of the books that is the epitome of this is 1Q84.

As soon as you start reading this book, one of the main characters starts to have unconventional experiences, noticing new details about the world that are subtly different from the one that she knows about. She gets involved with a group of mystical beings, whom she refers to as “Little People” (リトル・ピープル). The book is a thriller, fantasy, love story, science fiction, and a literary joy ride ( at least for me).

The end of the book has a phrase that I love and I think it fits well with these past 1.3 years and all the changes that I’m currently doing by joining Eclipsys and moving to Canada as part of it.

“I still don’t know what sort of world this is, she thought. But whatever world we’re in now, I’m sure this is where I will stay. Where we will stay. This world must have its own threats, its own dangers, must be filled with its own type of riddles and contradictions. We may have to travel down many dark paths, leading who knows where. But that’s okay. It’s not a problem. I’ll just have to accept it. I’m not going anywhere. Come what may, this is where we’ll remain, in this world with one moon.”-Murakami

I couldn’t have said it better than Murakami, but I just want to say I still have a lot of work to do both personally and professionally. And for now, I think I found my professional home and family for the next part of my life.

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