A very personal afterthought…

A very personal afterthought…

I do have to start that if you came to this post in particular looking for something Oracle related, you won’t find it this time, I do urge you to come back later as I need to pick up my speed here as well, not only on my work’s blog.

This time is a very personal afterthought , yesterday one person to who I am blood related, told me that I wasn’t grateful towards the life that I have and with the people that have carried me in their shoulders so that I can be where I am. And I am writing this in the hopes that he someday will read this, because it is impossible to talk to this person.

I consider myself a quiet person and some might say that I am a hermit-type of person, and not to over the top.
I normally don’t like to party, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t like to dance , so immediately some people walk away from me, but if you do decide to have a coffee and chat regarding a good book, music , movies , food , travel , toys ,  life experiences over all and my all out passion, PHOTOGRAPHY, we can have a nice and long conversation that can last days. One thing that I am , and its my biggest quality and my biggest weakness, I am very transparent, if I don’t like something or someone, you will immediately notice it, I don’t know how to make small talk and keep it going.

But what I do want to get to, is that I am more than grateful in life with who I am and who have helped me get here and are helping me get to the next step. Three people are at the top of the list, and these are my mom , my sibling and my wife, one is my full out support and friend , the other is my total inspiration and I try every day to be just one quarter of that person and the last one is the person who completes and gives a lot of meaning to my life.

For those who know me, know that I come from very humble beginnings, for those who don’t ,just to give you an idea, from days that I had only watermelon to eat, because that is all my mom could afford, to doing a 1 hour bus ride, standing all the way because no one will give you their seat, that doesn’t a heating system with a broken foot at 06:00 AM at 0º or lower temperatures and arriving at a school that had broken windows and seating in a metal chair , believe me I could only write so fast 🙂 . What I’m trying to get at is that I am no different from you, and that I can only be where I am , because of all the sacrifices and opportunities that I haven’t let go.

I have always thought and will always think that respect and love is a hard earned right, not a given, not because you are my uncle,aunt,grandfather,cousin,dad or niece , you have automatically my love and respect, and if you do think that, you are mistaken. Love , respect and friendship is a day to day thing, you breathe it and you live it, your not born with it, and as well can be easily broken if you don’t nourish it.

I do want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me climb each step of my life, which is a loooong list to post, you know who you are as I have told you who you are.

And for those who say that I am not grateful and happy with my with life , I have 2 pictures for you :

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