My First IOUG #PlugInToVegas for Collaborate 2015

My First IOUG #PlugInToVegas for Collaborate 2015

904438_10203660764900509_4645413709921957554_oSo today I received an email from @IOUG that my session in this year’s Collaborate  ( 556: Architecting your own DBaaS in a Private Cloud with EM12c ) was going to be part of the virtual conference , and even though I have presented several times at Collaborate and have done several webinars, this is the first time that they will be done at the same time , so it will be a new challenge that I welcome and hopeful that everyone who will be present virtually can enjoy it the same as the ones who are present in the room.

So if you are not going to this year’s Collaborate in Las Vegas, I invite you to join me in #PlugInToVegas, your virtual option

Also, as you might already know as well. I am part of IOUG’s Cloud SIG and if you are going to be present , so I invite you to look at the Cloud sessions that are going on at the event and get the most out of this great event.

Rene Antunez
[email protected]
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