My First Tattoo : La macchina va dove vanno gli occhi

My First Tattoo : La macchina va dove vanno gli occhi

IMG_1501So this past weekend was a special one, and one of the things that made it special is the fact that I crossed one thing of my “bucket list” and this was my first tattoo.

It took me a while to decide first to go with it and what was the tattoo going to be about, as I didn’t want it to be something meaningless and just having a tattoo for the sake of it. Once I had decided that I was going to do it, I searched for the right place as I didn’t want some beginner doing his art on my body as a canvas. So I chose Estudio 184 as the place where I was going to get it.

The day came to get, and I was jittery at first, I won’t lie, but it wasn’t about getting a tattoo, but mostly if I was going to like what was going to be painted on my body for the rest of my life.

So I sat with Derek(who was going to be my artist) to talk a bit about the design and the art,  and the session began, at first it was a weird feeling as it didn’t hurt like I thought it was going to, it was like the feeling of a person running their sharp fingernails against your body, so it was very tolerable for the first 3 hours, but once the 4th hour and the skin started to feel the abuse , I started to get a bit dizzy , so I started to take water breaks, which I would recommend you do the same if you ever do get one, as it goes to say that it keeps you hydrated and as well those pauses allow you to recover a bit . So after 4:30 hours, my tattoo was complete and I couldn’t be more than pleased with the result of it.

Johnny Depp said, “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story” and I think it applies to me, though I think this is the only tattoo I will ever have.

The meaning of my tattoo is quite simple , First the graphic, which is a Basset Hound with the wind blowing against his body, and the reason for this dog, is that I have 2 basset hounds, and even though they are 12 and 11 years old and not living at the moment with me, they have been my companions and friends for such a long time, as for the wind, its the adversity we face every day, but the cape and our goggles helps us push against it . The phrase “La macchina va dove vanno gli occhi” or better said as “The Machine goes where the eyes go” and it’s mostly for me to see it every morning and remind myself that whatever I want to do, I am able to do it ,as long as I push and work for it 🙂

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