Oracle Cloud World 22 : First Day

Oracle Cloud World 22 : First Day

As my friend Ronald Vargas said ( in Spanish) “I know that everyone defends what they consider unique. We know about great conferences and events around the world, but for me, today #CloudWorld – Oracle Open World before – is the most exciting experience of all.“, and I can convey that this is also true for me.

Oracle made several announcements that directly and indirectly impact what I and my clients do. I will do a small recap of what I heard and saw on the first day at OCW, but I want to leave you with a key message from Safra Catz, Oracle’s CEO: Moving slowly can be risky, no time play it safe – the winners will be those that make BOLD moves. 

  • Oracle Database 23c, code named “App Simple,”
    It introduces new capabilities that enable breakthrough developer productivity for applications that are written using JSON, Graph, or In-Database sagas for microservices, while also enhancing SQL to make it even easier to use and adding JavaScript as a stored procedure language.
  • Oracle Database Zero Data Loss Autonomous Recovery Service
    This new service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is based on the on-premises Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance technology and delivers protection capabilities for Oracle Database services running on OCI
    Supported database services
    • Oracle Autonomous Database–Dedicated on OCI
    • Oracle Exadata Database Service
    • Oracle Enterprise Database Service
    • Oracle Standard Database Service
  • OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery
    This service automates the protection and recovery of your applications in OCI. Customers can deploy disaster recovery environments across Oracle Cloud Regions without rearchitecting existing infrastructure, databases or applications while eliminating the need for specialized management or conversion servers.
  • OCI Expands App Development Portfolio with New Serverless Container and Messaging Services
    OCI is designed to support any open-source or third-party tool, technology, framework, or ecosystem solution. We offer a wide range of managed services built on popular open-source frameworks, such as our Kubernetes service, Resource Manager with Terraform, Search with OpenSearch, Kafka-compatible streaming, and MySQL database. In addition, customers can easily deploy any third-party technology (such as databases, middleware, etc.), or plug in the tools they’re already using—like Argo CD, GitHub, Gitlab, Jira, Jenkins, Datadog, and Splunk—to power their next innovation.
  • Autonomous Database support for applications
    Oracle E-Business Suite is certified to run on the Oracle Autonomous Database service on OCI, enabling organizations to further reduce database administration, optimize resource utilization, and lower costs.
  • Oracle talks more about Hybrid Cloud
    New options include Oracle Alloy, Oracle MySQL HeatWave for Microsoft Azure. Oracle introduced Alloy which is a new cloud infrastructure platform that enables service providers, integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), and other organizations such as financial institutions or telecommunications providers to become cloud providers and roll out new cloud services to their own customers


All of this above, plus great conversations with my peers, and also getting to hear Max Verstappen and Christian Horner talk about Red Bull Racing made this a great day, looking forward to day 2!

Rene Antunez
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