Oracle Cloud World 22 : Second Day

Oracle Cloud World 22 : Second Day

Today for me was a hectic day, it started quite early with some client calls, and went on to the late evening with the Oracle ACE Dinner, which I want to give a big shoutout to the ACE team and my peers for all the effort they do to have this great community!

Below are a few takes from my Tuesday:

  • OCI is launching Serverless Kubernetes
    A new Virtual Nodes capability for Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) and Container Instances service provides two new serverless compute options for running container-based apps in the cloud in a fast, secure, and reliable way—without having to manage any servers.
  • Container Instances
    With this service, you can easily launch one or more containers with the flexibility to specify compute shape, resource allocation, networking, and other optional configurations. Container Instances run on a dedicated environment with strong isolation for improved security. You only pay for the CPU and memory resources at the same price as “regular” OCI Compute, making Container Instances the best value option for running containers in the cloud.
  • MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse
    MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse is aimed at speed and efficiency. It can process hundreds of terabytes of data in object store in a variety of file formats, including CSV and Parquet, as well as in backups to Amazon’s Aurora and Redshift. The ability to run analytics and machine learning in the database will make MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse easy to use while also giving it a huge performance advantage for both loading data and running queries.
  • PostgreSQL Aries
    PostgreSQL Aries is a managed Postgres service 
  • Privacy Assurance
    A collection of upgrades for its security, compliance, and privacy offerings, assuring trusted data never leaves the audit boundary, and also automates compliance.
  • Public cloud adoption is still only at 32%, compared to 91% with smartphones, says Magouyrk
    OCI wants to build “the new distributed cloud”, Magouyrk says, including the ability to bring in data from other clouds, and have predictable and controlled running costs.

    OCI Dedicated Region is a big part of this, allowing your business to have control and operate all of the systems you need.


All of the above, plus great networking and I got to do my talk around DMS. I still don’t know how I was able to do it, as I was losing my voice this morning, and I totally lost it by 4 PM, so I was lucky enough to have a bit of it for my talk.


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