Oracle Open World 2012 : Day 2 more of the 12c Database

Oracle Open World 2012 : Day 2 more of the 12c Database

So the second day of Oracle Open World has come and gone, and the news about the 12c Version of Oracle’s signature Database keep coming in, in a General session in which Oracle Tech Guru Tom Kyte did a 15 minute feature presentation, a few things popped up that grabbed my attention.

One of them was the introduction of adaptive execution plans , this is going to be real interesting performance wise, and also talking about performance they are enhancing the database statistics with the introduction of hybrid histograms , with these I know several will be happy as even though the data might be skewed, they have several skewed data.

Also one thing that has me thinking and that will get people thinking , is that the definition of the instance – database relation will change , as with the introduction of the PDB (Plugabble Database) you will now have the container database which will be the one who has the current instance definition (memory and processes) and to that you will be consolidating your databases to, so this means that the relation now , by my understanding, will be one instance to many databases, so how will RAC be in these is going to be from a container to container database which both of these containers will have one or many databases.I have still yet to see a session about how RMAN will play it’s role in this new paradigm of PDBs.

A few other things that were mentioned through out the day was the introduction of the following:

Sequence type row
A top N query will now be done in one line
Temporary undo for temporary tables

Another thing was the introduction to far sync server for dataguard which will allow you to have a synchronous redo ship configuration while being farther than 300 miles with a low latency, as you will ship to a closer in distance light weight instance in synchronous mode and that will then ship to your standby in asynchronous mode.

These are a few things that have come out of OOW 2012, I hope you are getting as excited as I am for the next version .

Rene Antunez
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