Oracle Open World 2012 : Day 3 and 4 RMAN and RAC in 12 c

Oracle Open World 2012 : Day 3 and 4 RMAN and RAC in 12 c

Due to several dinners and a few concerts, I didn’t post on day three , but here is more data regarding the new version of Oracle’s Database 12c .

Regarding backup and recovery in this new version, you will see a great new feature in which you can now recover an object from a RMAN backup without having to restore the backup you took. Also it will enhance the ACTIVE DUPLICATE functionality as now it can be done via backupsets and also it will allow multi sectioning and compression , making a cloning of a database much faster.

From a RAC perspective , it introduces the concept of FlexASM , this concept will have the capability to NOT have an ASM instance in every node, this doesn’t mean that you will not have an ASM instance , it just means that in some nodes you can now connect to a remote ASM instance from one of your nodes, reducing the instance overhead in your servers. It was also mentioned the concept of Oracle Grid Home Server, this will allow you to have a golden copy of your ORACLE_HOME and only have to patch it once , your nodes will have a GRID HOME client , this will reduce the work when patching . One other thing that is going to be introduced is the concept of Hub Nodes and leaf Nodes, the Hub nodes are the nodes you currently know, which are tightly coupled via network and storage, the leaf nodes are going to be your application nodes, these won’t have a voting disk, but it will allow you to control the full stack, meaning that you can now shutdown an application (Database and Application Servers) from within the clusterware.

These are just a couple of thing that have come from Oracle Open World 2012, as you can see there are great new features to keep this job interesting and exciting .

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