What is photography to me?

What is photography to me?

Today a good friend  tagged me in a post regarding how she is going to be reaching for new heights in photography, and in a non-related note ; Last night ,for me, was a rough night, but these 2 things got me thinking into 3 main questions: What is photography to me? What it makes me feel and what I want to do with it?

IMG_4296Photography to me is a definition of time and space , even though the time and space might lie to you, it is as close to how personal you can get to an individual, a place or a situation and that picture be the definition of how the photographer views the world, views it’s surroundings and senses it’s life.

Every time I take a picture, it lifts me up for a microsecond, a lot of things go into a picture that I wIMG_4212ant to take, in it , it goes with the current mood that I am in, it goes with how I have matured in this life, it goes with a piece of history of this world, and how what I just saw and just sensed won’t be repeated nor replicated in this lifetime.

What I want to do with it, I won’t lie to you, I wan’t one of my pictures to be remembered , and not because of me, but because it will give someone , someplace , sometime the same feelings that I had on that precise microsecond and be joyed with it.


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