Why is RMOUG and presenting in Denver is so important to me

Why is RMOUG and presenting in Denver is so important to me

IMG_1949As some of you heard yesterday in my first RMOUG presentation, being in Denver, at Colorado Convention Center and presenting at RMOUG is very personal and emotional moment for me.

For those of you who were not present , the reason is that when I was 9 years old , I used to live in Denver and my dad use to clean office spaces and also a caterer and from time to time I used to accompany him and help him in cleaning places and delivering food , and I used to dream of being the persons who were in this place speaking and having it’s food delivered , instead of being there on cleanup crew.

I had always wondered back then what they were doing and what was so important that we had to deliver this very cool, and sometimes very good food to them.

I later on left Denver and went back to México and grew and studied there, but those thoughts actually never left my mind, so when I was invited back to speak in Denver to Collaborate back in 2013 , it was a dream come true.

This year , when I was invited back to Denver it wasn’t any less special , as this year I became the first person who went from being an Oracle ACE Associate, which was an arduous award to receive,  to an Oracle ACE, and it was here in Denver where I was handed , at the Oracle ACE Dinner , my award. I can’t express the joy and satisfaction that I currently have at this moment, and even not ashamed to say that as I’m writing this, I have tears of joy blurring my eyes, but I can only say that “La macchina va dove vanno gli occhi”

P.S. – So if you see me today not wearing a tie, it’s because I am wearing my ACE fleece 🙂

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