Yes, I understand that every life must end…

Yes, I understand that every life must end…

Ever since I listened in my ‘teens to the song “The Impression that I get” by The Mighty Mighty Bostons, I have always been hoped that a situation like that stays as far away as possible from my life, but as is life, you don’t get what you wish for.

This past Monday evening , my cousin of 27 years old passed away in a horrific car crash and now that I sit here writing this blog post I can’t but remember the first part of that song “Have you ever been close to tragedy? Or been close to folks who have? Have you ever felt the pain so powerful, so heavy you collapse?” and it keeps ringing in my head. I wasn’t very close to him, as I lived far away for so many years from the city where I currently live, but for the past 2 years since I came back from Beijing, he, her sister and his dad and mom we had been getting closer together, having frequent weekend reunions where we would sit around the table and tell our “Zarandonadas“, which to our family us mean dumb and very “d’oh” situations we put ourselves into, these reunions could go on for close to 10 hours from lunch all the way to past midnight, laughing , gossiping and even arguing.


As is life, there are sometimes very good highs and very fucky lows , and today I sit here, wondering how my aunt,uncle and cousin , whom I come to love and appreciate, can now gather the strength to go on and rise above this situation, how can I help them gather the strength to just breathe and continue life so that once again they can see that life is wonderful, even if life throws you the biggest curve ball and take their son away, how can we as a family ever get back to a point where we can laugh until we cry by telling our next “Zarandonada“.

I love life but sometimes, just sometimes, you can go fuck yourself!

Rene Antunez
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