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Aquí es donde encontrarás mis últimas entradas de mi blog en Español, donde escribo sobre Oracle, Cassandra, Tech y a veces otras aventuras de la vida.

  • Creating a 12.2 Oracle Cloud Service January 26th, 2018 Back in late June of 2015, Larry Ellison launched several public cloud services , and one of those who were included was the Public DBaaS , today I had the opportunity to try out this new service and here we will go into how to create it and how to ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • EM13cR2 Installation Failing on BI Publisher configuration June 21st, 2017 This is going to be a short post as there wasn’t much information on this type of failure when searching for it. I was working on an Oracle EM13cR2 installation and when the installation reached 78% it failed on the BI Publisher configuration .I first looked at the CfmLogger log. Shell INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:WLST ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • Error ORA-01033 después de realizar un switchover en un ambiente 12.1 RAC April 17th, 2017 Principalmente escribo este post para no olvidarme de este error, así que será un pequeño post. El otro día hice una switchover en un ambiente de RAC, que fue bastante fácil, pero después de hacer el switchover, en la Base de datos primaria continua recibiendo el siguiente error: PgSQL select dest_name,status,error from gv$archive_dest_status ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • Error ORA-01033 after doing a switchover in a 12.1 RAC environment April 10th, 2017 I am mostly writing this so I don’t forget , it will be a small post. The other day I did a switchover in a RAC environment , which went pretty smooth , but after doing the switchover in the primary I kept getting the following error : PgSQL select dest_name,status,error from ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • ORA-30926 while using impdp over a database link January 22nd, 2017 The other day I was doing an import using impdp in , and got the following error ORA-30926: unable to get a stable set of rows in the source tables. Shell Starting "SYS_PYTHIAN"."SYS_IMPORT_TABLE_03": sys_pythian/******** parfile=table_import.par Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/TABLE Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/GRANT/OWNER_GRANT/OBJECT_GRANT Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/COMMENT Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/INDEX/INDEX Processing object type ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • Parece Impossível pero no fue gracias a ti 🙂 November 16th, 2016 Ayer mientras corría aqui en Lisboa, me encontré con una manta en el exterior del Teatro Nacional D. Maria II en la Plaza de Rossio que decía “Parece Impossível” (Parece Imposible) y pensé que no podría haber encontrado una mejor señal en el día que marca un aniversario lleno de cambios, donde hace un ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • Parece Impossível but it wasn’t thanks to you 🙂 November 16th, 2016 Yesterday as I was running  here in  Lisbon, I found a sign outside the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II in Rossio Square that read “Parece Impossível” (Seems Impossible)  and I thought that I couldn’t have found a better sign on the day that marked an anniversary of changes , it was ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • RMAN and archived redo log failover November 09th, 2016 This is something that you might have already known, but it’s a cool thing when using RMAN that I want to show you. As you may know Oracle Database has a feature called archived redo log failover, this feature allows RMAN to backup successfully the archived redo logs when you have at least ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • ORA-1830 / ORA-06512 While upgrading to October 16th, 2016 The other day I was running an upgrade for a client that is using ACLs ( Access Control Lists) from to, and if you have been doing upgrades to 12c, you know that when running the catctl.pl -n 4 catupgrd.sql it entails 73 steps. So this upgrade failed in step ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • OTN Appreciation Day : Recovering Tables and Table Partitions from RMAN Backups October 11th, 2016 As some of you may know , one of my very first errors back when I was using Oracle RDBMS 9.2 was to drop a table from production instead of development just for not following FIT-ACER , but back then recovering a table was not as easy , as you had ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • La Macchina Va Dove Vanno Gli Occhi – Parte 2 September 15th, 2016 Estos últimos años han sido una montaña rusa de emociones, de cosas buenas y no tan buenas, pero también han sido unos años lleno de mucho aprendizaje, madurez y no voy a platicar sobre esto aquí, ya que algunos de ustedes ya saben acerca de ello y mis luchas a través de ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • La Macchina Va Dove Vanno Gli Occhi – Part 2 September 14th, 2016 These past few years have been such a rollercoaster of emotions , of good and not so good things, but they have also been years of hard core learning experiences and I won’t go here about them, as some of you already know about them and my struggles through them ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • OOW15 : What to do and What to See at Oracle Open World 2015 October 16th, 2015 This year it was delayed by 1 month and it is going to be a cold time in San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a fun time. To those who will be their first time attending , it can be a bit overwhelming of what can ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • Error in EM12c using emcli create_service_template September 29th, 2015 This will be a small post regarding creating an error I had today regarding Schema as a Service template with EM12c emcli . While creating today a service template , I had an error that showed me nothing more or where I could look for it “Validation error(s) occurred. Resolve ... Lee mas acerca de este tema
  • Are you ready to be a private cloud service provider? August 19th, 2015 When defining what is a cloud service, we need to know that it is not a technology per se, but its an architectural and operational paradigm. It is a self-service computing environment offering the ability to create, consume and pay for services. In this architecture, computing resources are elastically supplied from a ... Lee mas acerca de este tema