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This is where you will find my latest  Blog posts in English, where I blog about Oracle,Cassandra,Tech and sometimes other Life experiences

  • Applying a SQL Profile and the ORA-13786 error July 03rd, 2012 Here is a quick tip that mainly comes from an OEM bug. In OEM you had a tuning task, and the result of this tuning tasks is advising you that if you apply a profile you go from a Full table scan to a Parallel Execution of the FTS , reducing ... Read more about this post
  • RMAN: Report Details of Backups June 20th, 2012 So the other I was asked for a report regarding the backups in RMAN, so this query below helped me to give the needed details of the RMAN backups that we have. So I connected to the RMAN catalog and executed the query below, goes to say that I was only ... Read more about this post
  • How “Not” to ask for a raise June 17th, 2012 One of the funniest and weirdest things that has happened to me in my career has been once when I was asked for a raise by getting a compliment. A couple of years ago, in a previous company I worked for, I had a DBA trainee that had been with my ... Read more about this post
  • What a difference makes the wording of a sentence June 17th, 2012 Hi all, for the last couple of years I have been running a quite successful, or at least to my standards 🙂 , Oracle Blog in Spanish, but over these years I have seen that, even though I have a good niche, I want to broaden the people who I can ... Read more about this post